Comparing Home Phone Providers

What To Look For When Comparing Home Phone Providers

Today consumers have major choice when it comes to their home phone service, as there are multiple providers and types of services available for anyone looking for a home telephone. In days past, wired traditional home phone service was often held by a monopoly, and as such prices were very high. Today, with the increased options, home phone service is more affordable than ever.


If you are in the market for home telephone service, be sure to check out the four most common types of service available, as each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

  •         Traditional Home Phone Service
  •         Wireless Home Phone Service
  •         Internet or VoIP Phone Service
  •         DSL Phone service

Traditional Wired Home Phone Service

Home Phone Service BlogTraditional wired home telephone service has been the gold standard for over 100 years. It connects people throughout the world using underground wires. Phones need to be plugged into a phone jack inside the home in order to get service. It provides an incredibly stable and clear connection. However, landlines today are often being disconnected in favor of other telephone technology. The reason for this is because landlines are not mobile, so the user can only call from home, and because such services are also more costly than other types of telephone service.

Wireless Home Phone Service

More and more people are forgoing traditional home phone service and getting wireless home phone service instead. Because it is portable, you never have to worry about missing a call. There are also a variety of premium features that are included at no additional charge when you have wireless service, such as caller ID, voicemail and more. Many wireless plans come with unlimited long distance nationwide, which is a good deal for those who make long distance calls. However, wireless home phone service is more costly than other home phone service alternatives. Also, it is not reliable in all parts of the country, and users can easily incur extra fees depending on the plan they choose.

Internet or VoIP Phone Service

Voice over Internet Protocol phone service is also referred to as Internet phone service. It transmits voice signals as digital signals via high-speed Internet networks. It can be used anywhere there is a broadband connection, so it is completely portable. Home phone service of this type comes with a variety of all the features you would want from any telephone service, including unlimited calling and free long-distance calls nationwide and to Canada. It is the most affordable option in home phone service available on the market today. While quality is good with these types of service, on times there is a noticeable slight lag.

DSL Home Phone Service

DSL home phone service is delivered via copper lines and allows users to have both Internet service and home phone service available simultaneously, unlike traditional phone lines. In addition, it is much less expensive than traditional home phone service. Many providers bundle it with Internet connection, or require a contract for the best pricing.


While DSL home phone service does have advantages, it also has its share of disadvantages. DSL home phone service is mostly available in medium to large towns and cities. Rural areas are largely un-served, or the service is unreliable because the home is too far from the central office. During high usage periods, DSL lines may be busy, creating a problem on holidays and in emergencies.


In your quest for the ideal home phone provider, compare the different types of service listed above, as well as rate plans from the different providers, in order to find the service that best fits your needs and your budget.